Thursday, April 23, 2009


I fought the urge to stand up and yell at the official on the ice as my fiancé was taken out, I thought illegally, by a brute of a player on the other team.

“Sure, give us all the penalties.” I murmured to my sister Claire, sitting directly to the left of me. “Not like the Flyers do anything wrong.” She snickered quietly and handed her sixteen year old a $10 bill.

“Just a pop, Laura, nothing else, got it?” The girl smiled widely and ran off up the stairs. “Staci, maybe you shouldn't come to the games anymore. Sid's a target. People are going to want to take him out in anyway possible.”

“I know, Claire, I do... It's just, my goodness! My six year olds have better manners then that!” I exclaimed gesturing towards the ice.

“Yes, but you also have the fear of God placed in the hearts of your six year olds. I've seen your classroom.” I laughed with her, her blond hair, poker straight, falling softly over her shoulder. “Bry's pretty excited that you get to teach him next year.” I glanced quickly at her youngest child.

“Really, Bryan? Even if I'm super mean?” I grinned and winked at the five year old and was rewarded with a quick nod and tooth missing grin. “Well, just get ready to work hard. Uncle Sidney calls me a task master.”

“How come, Auntie?” The tow-headed boy's voice asked me gently.

“'Cause I'm making him do wedding stuff with me.”

“I don't gots to do wedding stuffs too, do I?” His bright blue eyes were wide and frightened.

“Oh no, sweetie, that's just for Uncle Sid.” Claire laughed softly. “Auntie Staci is just trying to get him to help her with it. This, in itself, can be a difficult task.” Bryan seemed happy with that answer and went back to his pop corn and the game. My eyes followed his, and caught number 87, my sweetie, on a breakaway, all alone with just the poor goal tender to stop his shot.

“GO, SIDNEY!” I screeched at the top of my lungs, jumping out my seat as the puck hit the back of the net! “Woohoo!!!” I jumped up and down along with young Bryan, while calm headed Claire just sat there and chuckled at us both. I cleared my throat and slowly sank back into my seat. “I can't let your son have all the fun, Claire.” She simply nodded through the laughter. I took a look at the time left on the clock and saw there was still eight minutes left in the second period. “I'm going to go and check on Laura, and grab a pop. You want anything, Claire?”

“Nope, I'm good, Stace.” She smiled as I reached underneath my seat and pulled out my purse.

“Ok, I'll be right back.” I smiled and climbed up the stairs towards the concession stands. I stood in an almost non-existent line when I heard my name being shouted from behind me.

“Staci? Lacoix! Turn around!” My head spun quickly to see my good friend Vero Larosse, Marc-Andrè Fleury's girlfriend.

“Vero! How are you? Are you sitting with the girls?” I smiled and enveloped her into a hug.

“Of course, why aren't you?” She demanded.

“My sister and her two kids came into town. They're looking at houses here and I wanted to take them to a game,” I shrugged and took a quick glance around, spotting Laura leaning against a pole talking to a boy who was getting uncomfortably close to her. “Speak of the devil.” I nodded to Vero, “the young girl over there speaking to the painfully tragic young man is my niece, Laura.”

“Hmm...” Vero pursed her lips at the young couple, “and what would her mother think of this?”

“She wouldn't think very highly of it, that's for sure, I think I should go and talk to them.” I sighed and headed over to the couple, Vero tight on my heels.

“So, if you're moving here, maybe you could give me your number and we'll hook up.” The painfully tragic young man leaned forward closer to her.

“Or... Her uncle could kick your ass.” I snapped standing five feet from them with my arms crossed over my chest.

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