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In More Places than One...

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Friday, August 14, 2009



I hung back from entering the room with everyone. I watched the fatherly looking man, I assumed was the Mario person Marc mentioned on the ride over, watch over Sidney as he slowly went into the room. I just wanted to cry. Something about Sidney just made my heart break.

I took a deep breath and stepped into the room being swept away by a small blond woman.

"Staci, I'm glad you're wearing Mario's jersey. It was the first he ever wore as a Penguin." She smiled putting me at ease and making me feel uncomfortable all at the same time.

"Ohh... I'll be sure to return it." I smiled shyly stealing a glance at Sidney and Mario.

"Nonsense! It's a gift. Mario gave it to me so long ago and now I'm giving it to you. Just like --" I turned back in time to see Vero glaring at the tiny blond. She cleared her throat uncomfortable before continuing. "Just like Marc-Andre gave Veronique." She smiled uneasily before leading me to the chairs.

I glanced around the stands as they quickly began to fill. I saw Fleury and Talbots scattered through the crowd. A lot of Lemeiux, but even more Crosbys. Who was Crosby? Why was he so popular?

The girls chattered harmlessly and I blocked out most of the conversation. I didn't care what Brooks and Erin, or Tyler and Lilly were doing. I didn't even know who those people were! I smiled and nodded at the correct places, keeping up the act of listening as I stole a glance at Sidney, meeting his eyes square on. I blushed deeply and lowered my gaze quickly. My eyes fell to my hands as my mind flashed.

Deep hazel eyes stared back at me. Bee stung lips curled in a smile redder than they usually were. I blushed realizing what we'd just finished doing.

"Je t'aime, Stace." The hazel eye'd boy whispered into my ear.

"You have a horrible accent." I whispered looking up to see Vero and the blond woman both staring at me. "What?"

"Staci, you were speaking English." Vero whispered. "Nathalie?"

"What were you thinking of?" The blond, Nathalie asked. "You said something about a horrible accent."

"A boy..." I whispered glancing sideways at Sidney. "A boy I think I used to love... Or do love..." The two women both squealed in excitement urging me to go on. I shrugged not having much more to say. I was saved by Sidney scrapping his chair loudly across the floor and storming out. In a way... "Is he okay?" I asked the room after the door slammed behind him.

"He's had a rough few days." Mario smiled sadly. "He'll be ok." I nodded and turned my attention to the ice below me. The game didn't hold my attention at all. I was to busy trying to figure out what the flash meant... Who was the boy? Was he still in my life? Did he give me this ring? UGH! I just wanted to remember everything right now! As soon as the game ended, I don't even know who won, I followed Vero down through a maze of corridors and into a brightly lit room.

"Where are we, Vero?" I asking running my hand over the golden wood of the bar, it all seemed so familiar. But why?

"The family room." She smiled watching me as I ran my fingers against the pictures hung on the wall. I nodded gently as my thoughts turned again to my flash of memory.

"Vero, did I love someone before the accident?" She didn't respond. I moved to run my fingers across a picture of Mario and Sidney standing like father and son. I glanced at my ring, still perched on the ring finger of my left hand. "It's not Max is it?" I turned to face her and saw Max standing next to her.

"No, it was never me." He smiled. "The boy you love is a way stronger person than I am." I nodded and crossed the room to him, before kissing his cheek gently.

"I still love you, Max... Just not that way." His natural grin returned as I kissed his other cheek. I turned slightly to Vero, concern falling across my face. "Are you sure no one should go after Sidney? He looked so upset..."

"The kid stormed out?" Max's face fell slightly as I nodded. "Shit! I think I know where he went." He started towards the door before turning back to us. "Do you ladies have twenty cents by any chance?" I dug around in my purse, pulling out two dimes.

"Sure, Max, why?" I handed him the coins, confused.

"I might want a burger... And I like exact change." He winked and ran out the door before I had a chance to argue. I turned back to Vero and saw that Marc had joined her.

"What did I miss?" He asked completely lost.

"Nothing, Marc. Let's go home." Vero soothed leading us both out the door.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Three days later and we were gathered in the waiting room again. This time Claire, Guy, Laura and Brian joined us. Of course Jordan was there too. Today... Staci was getting out of the hospital. She still had no memories and was still attached to Max. She seemed to feel uncomfortable around anyone who wasn't Max, Flower, or Vero. Even her own family.

I didn't know how long I could take this for....

I held a large box in front of me as Max went to get Staci. We were taking her to our game so Jordan, Max, Flower and I were in our suits. You know, crutches make really crappy accessories. Two more weeks and I'd be able to get rid of them. I hope. The box... The box contained a jersey. It took us all a long time to decide how to handle this. She always wore my Rimouski jersey, I gave it to her when we were seventeen, but under the circumstances we thought she'd feel awkward in it. So the box held Mario's jersey.

It was a compromise of sorts. She won't wear my jersey, and it would kill me to see her in Max's. We thought about getting her Flower's. But Mario suggested his. That way no one on the team could get offended or angry that she wasn't wearing his, and she would see a lot of them at the game.

Claire drew in a sharp breath as Max gingerly led her out of her room. To those who hadn't seen her yet after the accident she was unrecognizable. Her right arm was completely bandaged. Her brow was scarred and deformed her forehead, making it almost impossible for her to raise one of her gorgeous eye brows. Her mouth... Her beautiful mouth was marred by a large angry scar that started at her left temple and cut through her alabaster skin to her chin, through both lips; keeping the left side of her mouth in a permanent scowl. But no matter how much her injuries cut through me, knowing they were my own fault, she still glowed that same beauty as she did before. As if she was truly my own personal angel sent to Earth to keep me sane. Except my perfect angel.... Didn't even know me.

She timidly came out of the room, her hair, well the wig that Max got her, shielded most of her face. Vero nodded to me and we both stepped forwards.

“Staci, nous nous sommes tout réunis pour t'obtenir ceci.” (Staci, we all got together to get you this) She started as I held out the box for her. Staci turned her ruined brow to Max in a silent question. He nodded gently before she stepped forward and slowly lifted the jersey out of the box. She smiled sweetly as her gaze met ours.

“Merci.” (Thank you) She whispered before getting Max to help her put it on. It hurt so bad to see I had to physically turn my back on the scene. Vero caught my discomfort and went to lead Staci out of the hospital.

After watching her have a small panic attack getting into Flower's SUV, the black version of my own, (I really had to hold back from running to her and smoothing her hair in comfort) we were off to Mellon.

Jordan, Max and Flower headed down to the dressing room to get ready while Staci, Vero, the Régnier's and I made our way to the Lemieux's box.

Mario and Nathalie were there to greet us. Nathalie put Staci instantly at ease by quickly speaking to her in French and leading both girls to the chairs overlooking the ice. I stood near the doorway, watching them, not moving; not wanting to disturb Staci's new found comfort. I was so absorbed in my daze I didn't see Mario until he was right next to me.

“I know it's hard to stand back and watch, Sidney.” He smiled at me in a fatherly fashion. “But be patient. She'll be back. She loves you. She just has to remember that.” I nodded sadly before taking my eyes off of her and brought them to his.

“I know, Mario, it's just so hard. I want to be the one to comfort her. Flower and Vero are letting them stay with them. But she should be with me.” I sighed and lowered my eyes as he nodded.

“I know son. Let’s just watch the game for now. Take your mind off of it all.” I returned his nod and sat in the chair furthest from her.

The game seemed to crawl as I would watch her more than I would the ice. She fell into a comfort zone, gossiping in French to Vero and Nathalie. About three minutes into the second period I violently rose from my seat. Every pair of eyes in the room turned to stare at me in surprise.

“Sorry,” I mumbled before starting towards the door. “I can’t do this…” I sighed hobbling as quickly as I could down the hall and to my SUV.

Five minutes later I sat on a tall bar stool at a little dive down the road from Mellon, my crutches propped up next to me.

“Double jack, neat.” I mumbled to the bartender who quickly poured the drink. I downed it almost the same instance it hit the bar and order straight Jack. “Leave the bottle.” I growled but he left it. It was going to be a long night, and I needed to escape her.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



I paced the waiting room, probably in the exact same spot as I was a week ago. I was waiting for that sniveling, spineless bag of... worst excuse for a friend to leave my fiancée's room. After a good few minutes he finally stepped into the waiting room.

“It's not what you think, Sid...” He started cautiously, his hands out in front of him in surrender.

“Then what is it, Max?” I spat his name, stopping where I was and folding my arms so he wouldn't see my hands in fists. “Why doesn't my fiancée know me? And what the hell is she doing with you?”

“I was there when she woke up.” Max shrugged. “Sid, she doesn't really know who I am. Just that my name is Max. Hell she doesn't even know who she is!” He exclaimed throwing his hands in the air. “As for the engagement thing... She must have seen her ring and just assumed... I'm sorry, dude.”

“So go and tell her the truth, Talbot.” I sneared taking a step towards him.

“That's not a good idea.” A voice from behind me cut through my thoughts. I turned my head to see Staci's doctor standing behind us. “Staci has a severe case of retrograde amnesia. You must not push her memories. She needs to remember them herself.”

“How long does this last, doc?” Max asked softly, I nodded my thanks to him, as I couldn't find my voice through the shock.

“Days... Weeks... Months... Sometimes years.” The doctor sighed. “I'm sorry boys, I have no answers for you. We know very little about why amnesia happens and even less about how it works. The best thing you can do for Staci right now is to let her be who she is. Even if you don't recognize it. And, once she's released, take her to things she enjoys. A game perhaps. Her memories should eventually return.”

“Eventually?” I croaked.

“We can't make any guarantees, Mr Crosby. Most people pull through retrograde amnesia, but there is always that one percent.” He nodded at us, his face grim, before turning and heading back the way he came from. With Max's help I slowly sank into one of the uncomfortable chairs.

“Oh God...” I whispered “What do I do?”

“We take her to games. We take her to Diesel. We love her. All of us. And we pray. We pray that she pulls through as quickly as possible.” Max sighed sitting next to me. When did he get so insightful?
I hung my head in disbelief as Flower and Vero ran through the door. They stopped as soon as they saw me, a look of confusion sat on Vero's face.

“What's going on?” Flower asked as Max stood mumbling something about reassuring Staci that he was alive. “Why is Max going in? Sid, what's going on?” I took a deep breath before looking up at my friends.

“Staci... Doesn't really want to see me right now.” I winced as they both gasped, I held my hand up to stop the onslaught of questions before I could continue. “She has retrograde amnesia. She knows Max but only because he was with her when she woke up. And all she really knows is that his name is Max. But she thinks that they're engaged.” My eyes shifted away from them so that they couldn't see the full extent of my pain. Vero, I'm sure, could feel part of it, and came to sit next to me, gently placing her hand on my shoulder in comfort. “The doc told us not to push her. To let her remember on her own. So... Until she remembers she's with Max.” Vero shook her head slowly.

“That won't last, Sidney. She loves you too much to stay with Max.” I glanced up to see her staring at Staci's window. “Besides you two are soul mates. Like magnets. Put you both in a room full of people as far from each other as you can get and it doesn't take long before you're standing back to back. You don't even know you do it.” She turned back to me and smiled. “Head up, cherie, love always wins.”

“It's chin up, Veronique.” Flower whispered from the seat across from us. Vero turned her gaze to him and playfully stuck out her tongue.

“Sidney knows what I mean, Marc-Andre.” I chuckled at my friends.

“Thank you guys,” I smiled. “I'll be okay. Why don't you both go in and see her? I'm sure she'd like that. Besides, she needs all the support she can get right now.” Flower and Vero tore there gaze away from each other and stared at me in disbelief. I nodded encouragingly. Vero stood slowly and kissed the top of my head gently before taking Flower's hand and heading towards Staci's room.

Me? I just sat there, trying to figure out, since I can't play on a busted leg, what I was going to use to get my mind off of Stace, and her not remembering me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay hating me is NOT allowed. I'm just the writer, remember that. Some weird stuff to know about. When everyone BUT Staci's in POV French will be written and translated in GREEN. If it's Staci's POV ENGLISH will be italics. Her dream is in BLUE. Enjoy... I did :D


“Qui êtes-vous” (who are you) She asked. Under normal circumstances it would be an innocent enough question, probably one I would throw out a sarcastic answer to. But coming from Staci, a woman I've known for four years, it was a blow straight to the gut.

“Je suis Maxime.” I smiled my famous smile. “Vous êtes dans l'hôpital. Il y avait un accident.” (You are in the hospital. There was an accident.) I saw her damaged brow furrow in confusion and I decided it was time to involve someone with more knowledge then me. “Staci, je retournerai. Ne vous déplacez pas.” (I will return. Do not move.) I gave her one last smile before disappearing through the door. I practically ran to the nurses station. Thankfully Nurse Gina was working tonight. “Gina!” I gasped, “Vous ne devinerez jamais...” (You'll never guess) She raised her eyebrow in amusement and I realized I was still speaking French. I cleared my throat. “Staci.. She.. She woke up!” Her eyes flew open in shock and she started towards the room.

“Rally the troops, Maxime!” She grinned. “This girl's gonna need them.” She stopped when she noticed I wasn't grabbing my phone, but rather following her.

“You might need a translator. She's speaking French. And she doesn't seem to remember much.” I shrugged. Gina sighed sadly and motioned for me to follow her. We slowly entered the room to find that Staci had found the buttons to sit her bed up. She was sitting with her arms crossed over her chest, glaring.

“Staci?” Gina cautiously started. “I'm Gina, a nurse here.... How are you feeling dear?” We both watched as her gaze softened.

“Comme ce, comme ca.” She smiled awkwardly, her moth turned into a slight grimace, more injury from the accident. Even with the disfigurements... she still looked beautiful.
Gina stayed for a few minutes running tests and checking her vitals. I took Sid's normal chair as I translated for Gina. Staci smiled at me before offering me her hand, which I took gladly. I started to rub her hand gently as she drifted off.


My eyes adjusted slowly and I could finally figure out what was going on. That Maxime guy told me I was in an accident, well that at least explains why that other voice was so sad. He must of caused it. My brow furrowed as Maxime ran out of the room, like he couldn't figure out what to do.

After he left I decided I needed to take an inventory of what was wrong. My right hand was bandaged but I could move the arm easily enough; stiff, a little sore but mobile. I could move both legs, although they were bandaged. I flexed my left hip and winced, that hurt. I started looking around the bed for those buttons, so I could comfortably sit up. AHA! JACKPOT! I smiled in success as I raised myself into a sitting position on the bed, ignoring the pain emanating from my hip. Something caught a small amount of light entering the room and blinded me quickly. Once I was sitting I pulled my left hand towards my face to see what was causing that.

Oh... My... God...

I...was... engaged?????

I stared down at the two-carat brilliant diamond ring perched on my left ring finger. If Maxime and I were engaged why would he tell me right away?

Maybe he felt I had a lot to worry about already. Or maybe he wanted to make sure I was ok first. Yah that had to be it. I sank back into the pillows waiting for the man I was marrying to come back through the door.

At least I think he's the guy I'm marrying........

Mere seconds later a large black woman burst through the door with Maxime right behind her. I glared half-heartedly at him, having not wanted him to bring anyone else back with him. So we could talk... About the ring?

She poke and prodded me for a few minutes and asked me redundant questions, like 'how are you? Are you feeling okay?'

Of course I wasn't feeling okay! I just woke up from a coma. I had no idea who I was or where I was or why I was there. And apparently I have a fiancée. I just assumed it was this Maxime guy because I felt so comfortable around him.

I answered her questions patiently and it must have been satisfactory because after checking the machines around me she left instructing Maxime to call people. What was Sidney?

I smiled easily at the man next to me as he began to rub the back of my hand gently. I fought fruitlessly against the tiredness that swept over me.

I...want... to... talk.........

Flashes surround me, the ring... a lake... Stargazer lilies. I love stargazer lilies. Maxime smiling... goofing off... Two couples waving as we drove off. But... who was that? He seemed so familiar. So... There's no words... Just like I'm meant to know him. A hockey arena. Did I like hockey?
There's that guy with the dark curly hair again. His eyes were so intense. Kind of browny-gold with a little bit of goldy-green. I wanted to know him. I wanted to have his arms wrapped around me.
I watched as the curly haired boy started to disappear and his face was replaced with Maxime's as I blinked myself awake.

“Morning,” he grinned whispering.

“Morning,” I returned his grin. Moving gingerly I placed my bandaged right hand on top of his that was holding my left hand. I could get used to this really easily.

We stayed like this for a while until the door burst open, and the curly-haired boy charged through it, causing my comfortable moment with Maxime to end abruptly. Maxime jumped up off the chair and was around the bed and to my right side in twenty seconds flat as the curly-haired boy stared at me. What? Was I that hideous?

Stace,” he sighed relieved as he crossed the room in two steps to take my hand. I looked at this stranger confused and quickly pulled my hand away from him. “Stace?” his face fell, letting me see the hurt in his eyes. I pulled my left arm across my body and held onto Maxime's arm. Maxime sighed gently and rubbed my forearm in reassurance. The stranger stopped staring at me and brought his eyes up to Maxime. “Max... I think you should join me outside.” He sneered before turning on his heel and stomping out of the room. Maxime slowly prepared to move and my grip tightened.

“Don't go.” I pleaded remembering how angry the stranger looked.

“I'll be fine.” He smiled and leaned into my hair before whispering, “don't worry.” I let him go with slight remorse and sat back as he walked into the lobby, turned lion's den.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well now aren't y'all just spoiled today... Two posts in one night. Don't get used to it though... It won't always happen. Again some french with translations in THIS colour. I'm sorry if the French is horrible, to those who speak it. I'm using an electronic translator, and they aren't the best.


I sat and waited... I talked, I apologized, I prayed... nothing worked, so now... I sat. Holding her hand I silently begged her to wake up. Come on, Stace, I'd cry to the universe. Just open your eyes.... Please...

I'm sure I stunk. I traded my wheelchair in for a pair of crutches, but they sat unused in the corner. I hadn't left her side. I didn't care. I wasn't leaving. I ate whatever Max, or Flower, would bring me; the girls wouldn't even enter the room anymore.

I was pathetic.

Then the door opened and Nathalie walked in. I could tell from her perfume. She quietly took Staci's bandaged right hand, while I gently lifted her left and held it against my cheek.

“Her engagement ring?” Sh asked quietly. I smiled sadly and pulled it out of my shirt pocket. She reached over and covered my hand with hers. “Maybe she'd like it back, non? Then you're always here with her.” She smiled encouragingly and nodded as I replaced my beloved's ring on her finger. Somehow it felt right. “Now, Sidney,” she whispered her eyes showing her concern. “When was the last time you were home? Slept? Showered?” I shrugged and averted my gaze back to Staci, more so I could get away from Nat. “Sidney... Go home... Get a good night's sleep. Staci's parents are here and I'm sure Claire and Guy would like some time with her. Even Marc, Vero and Max.” I sighed deeply and kissed Staci's hand gently.

“You're right, Nathalie. I need to go home.” I saw her release a relieved breath and she stood quickly as I rose slowly from the bed. She grabbed my crutches for me as I leaned down and gently kissed Staci's forehead. “I'll be back, Stace. I love you. I'm sorry....” I took the crutched from Nathalie and slowly heading into the waiting room.... And the onslaught.


I sat and waited as first Sid came out of the room and was accosted by not only his parents, but hers as well (that was the third couple, Guy told me). Mrs Crosby quickly shoo'd him out to the car and the Lacoix's and Régnier's went to Staci's room. Jordan went with them. Support for Laura (yeah right! Support for Jordan more like.... he's like a little puppy now...).
After about half an hour they came back. Mme Lacoix looked like she had been crying, as the men all escorted their women out to the cars.

Flower and V were next. I sat alone in the waiting room, staring at all the different motivational posters. How did these really help? Did they actually work? Did people find them uplifting and helpful?

Keep your face towards the sun and you will never see the shadows!

Times are tough, HANG IN THERE!

Really? Give me a break!

They should have...

Your family member is dying, but be happy!

I sighed and leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. I'll just sleep a bit... Just until they're done. A few minutes tops.

Flower gently shook me awake, I blinked open my eyes to see both of my friends with red eyes.

“Nous allons à la maison, Maxime.” (We are going home, Maxime) Flower whispered. “Voyez-toi le matin.” (See you in the morning.) I nodded and rubbed at my face, waking up. I watched them both exit the hospital before standing and slowly starting towards Staci's room.

Seeing her lying there helpless wasn't a shock, per sey, but it wasn't easy either.

“Hey, Stace.” I smiled sitting in the empty chair on the left side of her bed. I knew Sid had been talking to her in French. Flower and V too... It's what she spoke. But English wasn't working, so I figured I'd try French. “Chacun est si sérieux et triste dedans ici. Je vais vous rire éveillé.” (Everyone is so serious and sad in here. I am going to laugh you awake.) I grinned and leaned back in the chair, taking her hand. “Prêt?” (Ready?) I cleared my throat.

“Qu'appelez-vous laitue épileptique?.... Seizure salad! (What do you call epileptic lettuce?)

“Ce qui vous appellent l'aide d'un magicien mort?... An abracadaver! (What do you call a dead magician's assistant?)

“Ce qui vous appellent l'association des donateurs de sang?... The IV League!” (What do you call the Association of Blood Donors?) I laughed loudly and let go of her hand so I could slap my knee. Once my laughter died down and I could re-open my eyes, I looked down at her to see her bright blue eyes staring back at me.

“Où je suis?” (Where am I?) She asked confused and surprisingly in French.



Okay, here's chapter 13 and 14 is in the works, so hopefully it won't be so long of a wait this time. Drama, drama, drama!


I could hear and feel so much. Which is weird because I was trapped in this world of darkness. I could hear the beeping of machines somewhere around me. I could feel something going into my left arm, it felt cold... Sometimes burning slightly.

My nose was itchy. I know it sounds weird, but it was driving me nuts! I just wanted to reach up and scratch it, but my arm wouldn't listen to what my brain was telling it to do. I tried desperately to scrunch my nose, hoping that would stop the itch... but... nothing....

I focused on the voice next to me instead. It was nice... Smooth, soft, like velvet. But it had this ache to it. It made me want to reach out and hug whoever it belonged to.

After what I assumed where days my sad voice disappeared and was replaced with a happy one. One that told me inappropriate jokes that made me want to howl with laughter.

The differences in my voices were extreme. The first, so sad... Sometimes there was more than just his, but all were the same sadness, the same... ache... His voice made me want to jump out of the bed and tell him that it's not his fault. I wondered what he'd done to make him so apologetic.
The other, jovial and safe. It was comforting and uplifting. Making me believe I could do anything. Including pull myself out of this darkness. I wanted to... For that voice.


We all sat back and watched him slip further into a depression as the days crept by and Staci still didn't open her eyes. Jack, Colby, and Mel had gone home. Their own teams and families needing them. We too had gone back to work.

Well... Most of us...

Captain Crosby just sat there by her bed... Day in... Day out...

“It's not healthy!” Jordan burst suddenly, tightening his hold on young Laura, momentarily, before loosening his grip, apologizing profusely. Claire and her husband, Guy, sat across the waiting room from the pair.

“At least he's here and hasn't tried to kill himself.” I shrugged. Laura gasped and buried her face deeply into Jordan's chest. Claire turned to glare at me, while Guy turned his anger to Jordan and his daughter. I wasn't trying to be harsh, but we all knew Sid, and his melodramatic tendencies.

“Has anyone talked to Mario?” V's soft voice shocked us all. Every head in the waiting room turned to her. She cleared her throat and smiled at Flower as he kissed her hand. “I'm just thinking that maybe... Just maybe, he'd listen to Mario. He hasn't listened to anyone else...” We all exchanged looks. We knew V was right, but no one really wanted the wrath of Sid when he found out who narced.

As we silently debated who would be the one to call the Lemieux's, salvation swept through the front door. Mario and Nathalie led the way, Mr and Mrs Crosby were directly behind them and there was a couple I didn't recognize bringing up the back.

Flower and V were the first ones up. Crossing the small space they met Mario and Nathalie quickly. Nobody moved as the four of them whispered amongst themselves. Occasionally someone would glance towards Staci's room. After only a few minutes Mr. Crosby stepped forward to join their conversation.

We watched as Mario explained the situation and Mr. Crosby took steps towards his son, looking angry and concerned at the same time. Someone, I think it was Jordan, gasped as Nathalie stopped him simply by placing her hand on his chest. She looked up at her husband and after receiving a small nod, headed towards the room that held Sid and Staci.