Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Okay hating me is NOT allowed. I'm just the writer, remember that. Some weird stuff to know about. When everyone BUT Staci's in POV French will be written and translated in GREEN. If it's Staci's POV ENGLISH will be italics. Her dream is in BLUE. Enjoy... I did :D


“Qui êtes-vous” (who are you) She asked. Under normal circumstances it would be an innocent enough question, probably one I would throw out a sarcastic answer to. But coming from Staci, a woman I've known for four years, it was a blow straight to the gut.

“Je suis Maxime.” I smiled my famous smile. “Vous êtes dans l'hôpital. Il y avait un accident.” (You are in the hospital. There was an accident.) I saw her damaged brow furrow in confusion and I decided it was time to involve someone with more knowledge then me. “Staci, je retournerai. Ne vous déplacez pas.” (I will return. Do not move.) I gave her one last smile before disappearing through the door. I practically ran to the nurses station. Thankfully Nurse Gina was working tonight. “Gina!” I gasped, “Vous ne devinerez jamais...” (You'll never guess) She raised her eyebrow in amusement and I realized I was still speaking French. I cleared my throat. “Staci.. She.. She woke up!” Her eyes flew open in shock and she started towards the room.

“Rally the troops, Maxime!” She grinned. “This girl's gonna need them.” She stopped when she noticed I wasn't grabbing my phone, but rather following her.

“You might need a translator. She's speaking French. And she doesn't seem to remember much.” I shrugged. Gina sighed sadly and motioned for me to follow her. We slowly entered the room to find that Staci had found the buttons to sit her bed up. She was sitting with her arms crossed over her chest, glaring.

“Staci?” Gina cautiously started. “I'm Gina, a nurse here.... How are you feeling dear?” We both watched as her gaze softened.

“Comme ce, comme ca.” She smiled awkwardly, her moth turned into a slight grimace, more injury from the accident. Even with the disfigurements... she still looked beautiful.
Gina stayed for a few minutes running tests and checking her vitals. I took Sid's normal chair as I translated for Gina. Staci smiled at me before offering me her hand, which I took gladly. I started to rub her hand gently as she drifted off.


My eyes adjusted slowly and I could finally figure out what was going on. That Maxime guy told me I was in an accident, well that at least explains why that other voice was so sad. He must of caused it. My brow furrowed as Maxime ran out of the room, like he couldn't figure out what to do.

After he left I decided I needed to take an inventory of what was wrong. My right hand was bandaged but I could move the arm easily enough; stiff, a little sore but mobile. I could move both legs, although they were bandaged. I flexed my left hip and winced, that hurt. I started looking around the bed for those buttons, so I could comfortably sit up. AHA! JACKPOT! I smiled in success as I raised myself into a sitting position on the bed, ignoring the pain emanating from my hip. Something caught a small amount of light entering the room and blinded me quickly. Once I was sitting I pulled my left hand towards my face to see what was causing that.

Oh... My... God...

I...was... engaged?????

I stared down at the two-carat brilliant diamond ring perched on my left ring finger. If Maxime and I were engaged why would he tell me right away?

Maybe he felt I had a lot to worry about already. Or maybe he wanted to make sure I was ok first. Yah that had to be it. I sank back into the pillows waiting for the man I was marrying to come back through the door.

At least I think he's the guy I'm marrying........

Mere seconds later a large black woman burst through the door with Maxime right behind her. I glared half-heartedly at him, having not wanted him to bring anyone else back with him. So we could talk... About the ring?

She poke and prodded me for a few minutes and asked me redundant questions, like 'how are you? Are you feeling okay?'

Of course I wasn't feeling okay! I just woke up from a coma. I had no idea who I was or where I was or why I was there. And apparently I have a fiancée. I just assumed it was this Maxime guy because I felt so comfortable around him.

I answered her questions patiently and it must have been satisfactory because after checking the machines around me she left instructing Maxime to call people. What was Sidney?

I smiled easily at the man next to me as he began to rub the back of my hand gently. I fought fruitlessly against the tiredness that swept over me.

I...want... to... talk.........

Flashes surround me, the ring... a lake... Stargazer lilies. I love stargazer lilies. Maxime smiling... goofing off... Two couples waving as we drove off. But... who was that? He seemed so familiar. So... There's no words... Just like I'm meant to know him. A hockey arena. Did I like hockey?
There's that guy with the dark curly hair again. His eyes were so intense. Kind of browny-gold with a little bit of goldy-green. I wanted to know him. I wanted to have his arms wrapped around me.
I watched as the curly haired boy started to disappear and his face was replaced with Maxime's as I blinked myself awake.

“Morning,” he grinned whispering.

“Morning,” I returned his grin. Moving gingerly I placed my bandaged right hand on top of his that was holding my left hand. I could get used to this really easily.

We stayed like this for a while until the door burst open, and the curly-haired boy charged through it, causing my comfortable moment with Maxime to end abruptly. Maxime jumped up off the chair and was around the bed and to my right side in twenty seconds flat as the curly-haired boy stared at me. What? Was I that hideous?

Stace,” he sighed relieved as he crossed the room in two steps to take my hand. I looked at this stranger confused and quickly pulled my hand away from him. “Stace?” his face fell, letting me see the hurt in his eyes. I pulled my left arm across my body and held onto Maxime's arm. Maxime sighed gently and rubbed my forearm in reassurance. The stranger stopped staring at me and brought his eyes up to Maxime. “Max... I think you should join me outside.” He sneered before turning on his heel and stomping out of the room. Maxime slowly prepared to move and my grip tightened.

“Don't go.” I pleaded remembering how angry the stranger looked.

“I'll be fine.” He smiled and leaned into my hair before whispering, “don't worry.” I let him go with slight remorse and sat back as he walked into the lobby, turned lion's den.


  1. whatttt?!
    she thinks she's marrying MAX?!?!
    ah i loved this, keep updating!

  2. Wow! Poor Sid!! He must be so hurt about her not wanting him but wanting Max instead! Great update, never saw this coming!! Can't wait for more!

  3. ahhh such an interesting turn of events!
    i feel so bad for Sid though, i hope he doesnt do anything drastic!
    i cant wait for the next chapter (:

  4. Aw, poor Sid. Poor, poor Sid. He's so sweet. Why him? I mean, I love Max to death, really I do. But Sid, he's just unbeatable. Poor guy. :(

    I did not see that coming. You've definitely got me wondering how this will all work out. Which means you should post more soon. This was an amazing chapter! So well written. :)