Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Okay, here's chapter 13 and 14 is in the works, so hopefully it won't be so long of a wait this time. Drama, drama, drama!


I could hear and feel so much. Which is weird because I was trapped in this world of darkness. I could hear the beeping of machines somewhere around me. I could feel something going into my left arm, it felt cold... Sometimes burning slightly.

My nose was itchy. I know it sounds weird, but it was driving me nuts! I just wanted to reach up and scratch it, but my arm wouldn't listen to what my brain was telling it to do. I tried desperately to scrunch my nose, hoping that would stop the itch... but... nothing....

I focused on the voice next to me instead. It was nice... Smooth, soft, like velvet. But it had this ache to it. It made me want to reach out and hug whoever it belonged to.

After what I assumed where days my sad voice disappeared and was replaced with a happy one. One that told me inappropriate jokes that made me want to howl with laughter.

The differences in my voices were extreme. The first, so sad... Sometimes there was more than just his, but all were the same sadness, the same... ache... His voice made me want to jump out of the bed and tell him that it's not his fault. I wondered what he'd done to make him so apologetic.
The other, jovial and safe. It was comforting and uplifting. Making me believe I could do anything. Including pull myself out of this darkness. I wanted to... For that voice.


We all sat back and watched him slip further into a depression as the days crept by and Staci still didn't open her eyes. Jack, Colby, and Mel had gone home. Their own teams and families needing them. We too had gone back to work.

Well... Most of us...

Captain Crosby just sat there by her bed... Day in... Day out...

“It's not healthy!” Jordan burst suddenly, tightening his hold on young Laura, momentarily, before loosening his grip, apologizing profusely. Claire and her husband, Guy, sat across the waiting room from the pair.

“At least he's here and hasn't tried to kill himself.” I shrugged. Laura gasped and buried her face deeply into Jordan's chest. Claire turned to glare at me, while Guy turned his anger to Jordan and his daughter. I wasn't trying to be harsh, but we all knew Sid, and his melodramatic tendencies.

“Has anyone talked to Mario?” V's soft voice shocked us all. Every head in the waiting room turned to her. She cleared her throat and smiled at Flower as he kissed her hand. “I'm just thinking that maybe... Just maybe, he'd listen to Mario. He hasn't listened to anyone else...” We all exchanged looks. We knew V was right, but no one really wanted the wrath of Sid when he found out who narced.

As we silently debated who would be the one to call the Lemieux's, salvation swept through the front door. Mario and Nathalie led the way, Mr and Mrs Crosby were directly behind them and there was a couple I didn't recognize bringing up the back.

Flower and V were the first ones up. Crossing the small space they met Mario and Nathalie quickly. Nobody moved as the four of them whispered amongst themselves. Occasionally someone would glance towards Staci's room. After only a few minutes Mr. Crosby stepped forward to join their conversation.

We watched as Mario explained the situation and Mr. Crosby took steps towards his son, looking angry and concerned at the same time. Someone, I think it was Jordan, gasped as Nathalie stopped him simply by placing her hand on his chest. She looked up at her husband and after receiving a small nod, headed towards the room that held Sid and Staci.

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