Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's a super short teaser for you. More, hopefully, tomorrow.


“Alecia... I really don't think this is a good idea.” A timid voice came from the backseat of the black Volvo waiting three blocks away from the bar.

“Shut up, Kate. I told you already. We have to get rid of the girls. One by one. Now, keep your trap shut and just watch out for any of the other guys.” She sneared back to the timid voiced girl. Kate sat in the back seat, peering out into the night, trying desperately not to girl in the front seat.

A phone chirped loudly next to Alecia, who shivered excitedly.

“It's time. They've just left. Cass saw Sid get in the driver's side.” The third girl smiled evilly, her eyes glinting in the street lights, causing Kate her own shiver, though not one of excitement like the others.

Alecia circled back another four blocks and came barreling down the street at 80 miles an hour. Kate sat praying in the backseat, clutching tightly to the handle on the door. 'Oh God,' she cried silently, 'please protect everyone in both cars!' All three girls screamed as the Volvo hit the SUV directly on the passenger's side.


We waved easily at our friends as we slowly pulled out of the parking lot.

“What do you think, Stace?” Sidney asked, taking my hand in his and holding it to him, protectively.

“Of?” I asked innocently.

“What food should we get?”

“Hmm... I think a little bit of everything would be good, don't you?” I laughed easily as he lifted my hand to kiss gently.

“Who cares about food... I could just eat you.” He waggled his eyebrows at me, causing me to crack into hysterics. “Babe, could you grab the CDs? They're under your seat.” He pouted adorably at me, before giving me back my hand.

“Of course, Sidney,” I leaned over and quickly kissed his pouting mouth before bending forward to grab the CD case from underneath the seat. I was halfway up before I heard the squeal of tires and could feel the SUV tip precariously. “SIDNEY!” I screamed as I felt the side of the door crumble onto my legs, I felt my head connect with the center consul and my brain went muffled and blurry.

“Staci?!” I could hear Sid screaming, even though he sounded like he was under water. “Staci, baby, wake up!” I tried to move to look at him, but found myself perfectly still, and without any control of my own body. I could smell something in the distance... Gas? Was there a gas leak somewhere? “Stace, hold on!” I heard Sidney yell at me, his voice getting farther and farther away from me. “STACI!” I could barely hear his scream as a blinding white light took over my consciousness before flooding my world with darkness.


  1. update soon please! this is a major cliffhanger!

  2. jdjksakjfkdkje!
    ahhh i need an update soon please!
    soooo good but sucha cliffhanger!

  3. Seriously, who risks their life for some guy they don't even know? And they could've killed Sid too. Poor Staci. I hope she's alright. Stupid girls. :p

    That was very good, but I'm pretty sure you need to update really reallyyy soon.

  4. Ohhhh my God! Those snotty bitches! hahaha. Nice chapter!