Saturday, May 9, 2009


Marc-Andre waltzed in nonchalantly. He stopped about four steps into the room and we watched as his smile double when his eyes found Vero.

“Cherie!” He cried holding his arms open for her as she ran into them without a care in the world. “Did you enjoy the game, pet?” He cooed into her neck taking no notice to me.

“Of course I did.” She smiled against him. “I always do. Are you hungry, darling?”

“A little, yes.” His head rose and looked at me fondly. “Staci, Daryl and I were talking about getting a late night snack if you and V are interested.”

“I love hanging out with my two favourite men. Of course.” I smiled, rising from off the couch and walking towards my two friends. “Speaking of Daryl, will he be much longer Marc-Andre?”

“I'm right here...” A voice behind him called, I let out a small squeal as I turned and ran into his empty outstretched arms. “God, I missed you Stace.” He whispered kissing me softly. “It almost killed me waiting for that.”

“It hasn't been that long, Sidney, only a couple of hours.” I laughed as he kissed me again and again.

“A couple of hours is still way too long to wait to kiss you. Let’s get married tomorrow!” He cried almost dropping me as he started to spin me around. “We could just run away for a few months. C'mon, Stace, please???”

“Sidney, you know I want my mother there. And Claire. Plus I couldn't deny my father the chance to give his baby girl to the man she adores more than anything in the world. It would break his heart. And it would break your own mother's heart if we eloped.” I watched as a sad pout fell onto his face. I kissed him softly. “Soon enough, Sid. And then you'll be all mine, and I'll be all yours.”

“Are we going tobogganing tomorrow with the kids?” I nodded as he set me down and wrapped his arm tightly around my waist. “Flower, tobogganing tomorrow with Staci's niece and nephew? I know Talbo and Staalzy are coming.” Marc-Andre looked down at Vero expectantly; she laughed and nodded at her big kid.

“We're there, Daryl.” Marc-Andre nodded, wrapping his arm around Vero's shoulder. “Let’s get some food.”

“Ok, Laurel Ridge at 11. We'll meet in the parking lot for the campground.” Sid smiled guiding me towards the door.
“Sweet, I'm starved!” Vero and I shook our heads as we let our men walk us out of the Mellon.

The four of us sat in a large booth in our favourite diner just blocks from the Mellon. Vero and I both laughed as the waitress, not our regular one, took double and even triple glances at the boys, after she took our orders.

“My god, you'd think she'd never seen a man before,” Vero laughed with me, the boys staying involved in their own conversation. I looked around confused.

“There are men here?” I grinned wickedly. “All I see are little boys talking about Soul Com and Halo.” Sidney and Marc-Andre's heads jerked up at the sound of their favourite video games.

“What about Soul Com?” Marc-Andre asked quickly.

“Nothing dear,” Vero cooed, and I tried really hard not to laugh. “Go back to your conversation.” We both laughed as the boys shrugged their shoulders and went back into their conversation about video games.

“So, Vero, your anniversary with Marc is coming up soon. Ten years, non?” Vero nodded as we sat back, having not ordered, we watched the boys dig into the meals that the waitress brought them, adding a special look towards Sid as she left.

“Yes, next Saturday. And Marc refuses to tell me what the plan is.” She mock glared at him, and he shrugged his shoulders before turning back to his sandwich.

“I know what his plans are!” Sidney cried through a mouthful of food, earning a kick and glare from Marc-Andre as Vero's eyes lit up.

“You do?” Her smile grew as she leaned towards Sidney. “You know, Sidney, you always were my favourite Penguin.”
“What about me?” Marc-Andre whined next to her.

“You're my favourite goalie and person in the world ever. But Sidney holds the spot for favourite Penguin, unless he doesn't tell me what your plans are.” Vero soothed him, before turning to Sidney and glaring at him. I began to out right laugh as Sidney held his hands up in defeat.

“I know what his plans are, V,” he pointed a finger at Marc-Andre. “Don't kick me, Flower, let me finish! I know his plans, but I can't tell you what they are. I haven't even told Staci.” I kissed his cheek as he made the shape of a cross over his heart. “Sworn to secrecy, sorry.”

“Fine,” Vero sat back pouting causing Marc-Andre to lean over and give her a quick peck on the lips. “You're still my favourite Sidney, but Marc is catching up to you. Saturday the standings might change.” She smiled and kissed Marc-Andre again. The boys quickly finished their food and Sidney went up to pay the bill.

“Come my beautiful fiancĂ©e, our bed is waiting. And Bryan will kill us both if we don't take him to Laurel Ridge tomorrow.” Sidney shuddered at the thought of death by five year old, as he wrap his arm around my shoulder.

“You're probably right, plus I miss our bed. It's been so long since I saw it last.” I looked up at him smiling mischievously.

“Ok, well we'll see you two love birds tomorrow at 11 at the Ridge,” Vero called as she and Marc-Andre headed out to their vehicle.

“Good night, you two crazy kids! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!” Sidney called towards them, leading me towards the door after them.

“That's not a lot, Sid,” I laughed as he opened the door to the SUV for me.

“Lucky them, I supposed.” He laughed and kissed my nose before running to his side of the SUV, getting in and driving home.

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