Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry, short chapter... But think of it more as a teaser. 6 is in the works, up by Saturday at the lastest.


We turned down the drive to the campground parking lot of Laurel Ridge about an hour and a half later. With Bryan and Sidney having gone through 87 bottles on the wall and Claire arguing with Guy about their house situation, I was more then ready to get out of the car, until we actually pulled in and I could see the amount of vehicles already there. Not to mention the swarm of women surrounding the other boys. I could even pick Laura out, standing about ten feet from them, arms crossed over her ample chest, bored to tears.

“Shit,” I swore under my breath, “I can't believe I didn't think of this!” I jumped at Sidney's hand resting on my own.

“It's ok, Stace, we'll deal with it.” He looked down at me smiling widely. “It's just a few fans.”

“Just a few fans? Sidney, that's a mob!” I exclaimed gesturing at the crowd. Becoming agitated I flipped into French. (sorry I don't know French. I'll be using a translator, and will post the translations in a different colour.) “Je ne peux pas croire que ce n'est pas un problème pour toi! Sidney, ces gens ne m'aiment pas.” (I cannot think that it is not a problem for you! Sidney, these people do not love me.)

“They don't hate you, Stace. They're happy that I'm happy.” Sidney tried to sooth me after pulling into a stall and turning off the car. He turned to me and rubbed my arms to get me to calm down. I turned away from him, still fuming at how little he actually knew about his fans. Even Claire scoffed from the backseat.

“Croyez que tu vouex.” (think what you want.) I sighed getting out of the car and heading towards Laura. If Sidney was going to be ignorant about the girls there, then he could be ignorant about them while I wasn’t there.

“Stace… Stace… Come on, Staci!” Sidney cried after me, spilling out of the car and chasing after me. Finally catching up to me he grabbed my arm and spun me to face him. “Staci, will you just talk to me?” I stopped and placed my hand, not in his grasp, on my hip. “Look, ten minutes, and then I’ll ask them to leave us alone for the day. I know that they’ll understand. Please, Staci? Help me out with this.”

“Non, ils sont vos mordus. Ils sont votre problème.” (No, they are your fans. They are your problem.) I sighed and hugged him tightly. “I won’t help, Sidney, but I won’t stand in your way either. Just be careful.” I looked up deeply into his eyes before raising on to my tip toes and kissed his pouty lips. “I love you, Sidney Crosby.”

“I love you more, Staci Lacoix. Much, much more.” He held me in place and kissed me again and again, I could feel a small smile playing on his lips before he pulled away. “I'll be back soon.” He stepped back after I let him go and he winked quickly before heading towards the mob of Sid hungry women.

I took my time and walked over to Laura, Claire, and the boys. Hearing someone call my name, I turned to the parking lot and saw Vero and Marc-Andre heading our way.

“What a slut...” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned my head slightly to my left, there stood two girls staring at me with hatred. “I just can't believe he'd pick her. I mean, she's all over Max and Jordan. And have to seen her niece? Puck bunny...” The girls cackled together and I had to bite my tongue from going over there and giving them a piece of my mind. I couldn't let them speak about Laura that way so I turned towards them, taking two or three steps in their direction.

“I'm sorry, ladies, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I have a bit of a problem with what you were saying.” I smiled sweetly towards the girls, one who just glared at me vehemently, the other's eyes were three times their natural size.

“Yah? Should we be adding eavesdropping on top of slut?” The glaring girl spat.

“You know what, insult me all you want, leave my niece out of it.” I sighed gesturing towards Laura and Jordan, who were now chasing each other around some trees. Bryan and Max were using them as moving targets in a snowball fight.

“Why? She's worse than you are. Jordan Staal? She honestly thinks she had a chance?” The second girl piped up smirking, her friend finding this hilarious and began to laugh. Well that was the last straw. My vision turned red as I reached out and slapped the last girl to speak with all my force, my hand stinging as soon as it made contact.

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  1. Ahh, I would have slapped her too!
    Just found your story, but I like it. :-)