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Okay, so I've changed Laura's age, it just makes more sence. Sorry... I know confusing. I have changed them in earlier chapters as well. And I hate to feel like a nag, but even though I am writing this for me, I need feedback. Constructive critism is welcome. Please, pretty pretty please comment.


“Auntie! Wake up!” I heard Bryan screech into my ear as he landed on top of me, jolting me from a very deep and comfortable sleep. I groaned softly and closed my eyes tighter against the onslaught. “Uncle Sid it's not working,” I heard him whisper, “throw me on her again.”

“Throw him on her again, Uncle Sid, and the couch will become your new resting place.” I mumbled against the pillow. I knew he heard me as he chuckled softly.

“Sorry, Bryan, I like my bed. And the couch is lumpy, not good for sleeping.” I could feel Bryan being lifted off of my and a gentle kiss placed on my head. “Coffee is ready and breakfast is cooking when you're ready. But we do need to leave relatively soon, Stace.” He whispered into my hair, before kissing my head again and moving away from the bed. “C'mon, Bry, Auntie will be up soon. If not we'll give her until just before we leave.”

“But what if she takes forever like mommy?” Bryan cried their voices getting quieter as they left the room for the kitchen.

“Auntie Staci doesn't take long to get ready, Bryan. It'll be okay.”

I rolled over and stared at the ceiling with a small smile on my face. Only Claire would be up and have coffee ready at eight in the morning on a Sunday. I'm sure I wasn't the first person Bryan woke up this morning either. I kicked off the blankets and headed for the shower thinking about poor Sidney's face as Bryan probably dragged him out of bed at six. I dressed quickly in a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, and a warm cashmere sweater Sidney bought me for our own anniversary two weeks ago. I brushed and braided my hair into pigtail braids, threw on my knit touque and ran down the stairs for some coffee.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Claire greeted me over her coffee cup as Bryan and Laura dug into their pancakes. Sidney handed me a steaming mug of coffee before kissing me softly on the lips.

“Morning,” he whispered stealing another kiss.

“Morning, yourself,” I grinned leaning up for my third kiss of the day, as Claire cleared her throat loudly at us. “Hey, we live together. We're allowed morning kisses. Plus he deserves them this morning, he saved me from this really pesky brat.” I laughed as I crossed the room and ruffled Bryan's hair, as he laughed into his milk.

“He woke me up this morning to, Aunt Staci, at six! Six, can you imagine?” Laura cried disguised.

“Oh I can,” Sidney muttered rubbing the back of his neck.

“My hero,” I swooned giving him another kiss.

“Auntie is Max and Staalzy gonna be there?” Bryan asked innocently, I looked at the table and saw Laura trying to hide the blush on her cheeks with her hair.

“I think so, Bryan, They're supposed to be. And Marc-Andre and Vero as well.”

“Sweet! Do you think Max would have a snow ball fight with me?”

“I'm sure if you ask him, Bry, he'll team up with you against Staalzy.” Sidney laughed as the doorbell rang. I smiled and crossed through the living room to open the door. Leaning against my door frame was Max with Jordan, Geno, and Kris right behind him.

“Good morning, gorgeous!” Max greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, Max. Geno, I missed you last night. Where did you go?” I questioned pulling the big man-boy into a tight hug.

“I was having to talk to Karina.” He smiled shyly hugging me back just as tightly.

“And how is Karina?”

“Good. She is good. Coming two weeks today.” Geno smiled widely.

“Good. You two will have to come for dinner when she gets here.” I returned the smile and pulled them all into the house, hugging them as the entered. The four of them followed me into the kitchen to find the breakfast dishes cleaned and put away. “Are we ready to go then?”

“I think so,” Sidney looked around at everyone before pulling on one of my pig tails. “I love your hair in braids, baby.” He whispered into my ear, causing me to blush fiercely.

“Alright, boys you're going in Jordan's truck?” I asked the group of guys who all nodded easily.
“Sid, we're taking the car today. Your SUV was clunking last night and I think we should fix it before it goes anywhere else.” Sid opened his mouth to protest, and I lifted myself onto my toes to kiss him gently before whispering. “As much as I don't want a relationship to form between Jordan and Laura, I think it's inevitable. So why not have it start in the open and we can make sure it doesn't go too far.” He nodded before looking up at Jordan and glaring at him protectively. “Sidney, play nice. He's just a kid.” I felt him sigh then wrap an arm around my shoulders.

“Laura, can you ride with the guys? There's not enough room in the car for everyone.” Sidney and I turned to look at our young niece as she turned three different shades of red.

“Sure, Uncle Sidney, I'll ride with the guys.” She gave Jordan a sideways glance as the other three headed towards the door. Max claiming shot-gun, earning a punch in the side from Kris who quietly sat back and could see exactly what was going on.

“Why don't you head out to the truck with them, Laura. I just need to talk to Jordan quickly.” Sidney smiled softly at her as she nodded as ran out after the boys. “Ok, Jord, I know you like her. We can all see that. Ok, Staci told me,” he corrected as I glared at him. “And I know you're 19 and old enough to date whoever you want. But she's my niece and she's only sixteen. So unless Claire has any major objections, Stace and I are going to clear you to date her. Just don't screw around, Jordan. Because I will kill you. And I'm sure I can find help with that.” Jordan gulped loudly and turned to Claire.

“I'm okay with it. But, Jordan, she's my baby girl, just remember that ok?” Claire smiled sadly.

“I will, Claire, thanks!” He grinned widely and ran out of the house, his feet barely touching the ground.

“You're a very good friend, Sidney Crosby.” I smiled up at him, earning a kiss. “Ok, gang, lets get out of here.” I wrapped one arm around Sidney's waist and the other around Bryan's shoulders as we all headed towards the garage.

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