Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sorry... Kind of short, but I'm suffering a bit of writers block. Any ideas will definitely help.
I'll try and post soon, but no promises... I haven't been motivated to write. :-/


The end of the week flew and soon I found myself at Marc-Andre and Vero's house raiding her closet. Claire, Guy and the kids were house hunting again, so I was free to sit with the girls.

“How about this one, Vero?” I held up a emerald green off the shoulder shirt towards her.

“Really? That dressy? Staci, you're the one who'd rather go to the games in her sweat pants, and you're encouraging me to dress up?” She stopped and put her hands on her hips staring at me. “What's going on, Staci?”

“Nothing, I just thought we could get a little dressed up for today's game... It's not big deal. Wear sweats if you want.” I shrugged, moving to re-fold the shirt.

“Okay, okay!! I'll wear the shirt!” She laughed snatching the shirt out of my hands. We changed quickly and ran down to my car; Sid caught a ride to Mellon with Marc-Andre earlier that day.

Mellon was buzzing when we got there, people already cramming the hallways. I stood on my tiptoes keeping my eyes open for Erin and Lilly. Vero laughed and pulled me back onto the flats of my shoes.

“What is your issue tonight? You’re so jumpy.” She shook her head and started to pull me towards the locker rooms.

“Why don’t we head to our seats?” I suggested, pulling her the other way. “They’re going to start honouring the season ticket holders right away.”

“I want to see Marc before the game. He was so nervous when he left this afternoon. He didn’t even nap.” Her eyebrows knitted together in concern.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine… I just don’t think that-“ I couldn’t finish my thought as Vero was bombarded by Erin and Lilly.

“Geez, V, what did you do to Marc?” Lilly demanded her cheeks slightly pink from running to us. “He’s a nervous wreck down there!”

“It’s true,” Erin nodded in agreement. “He was pacing and fidgety. Sid just kept laughing and saying ‘it’s okay man… just do it’. But no one else seemed to know what was going on…” Vero eyes quickly went from concern for Marc to scorn for me.

“What is going on, Staci?” She demanded stepping closer to me.

“I don’t know, Vero… Sidney might, but he never told me…” I shrugged and turned my gaze away from her. She opened her mouth to say something more, but thankfully an usher came up to us and interrupted.

“Ms. Larosse, can you come with me please?” He gestured to her to follow, I nodded enthusiastically at her, turning her to follow him, Erin and Lilly standing there mouths agape.

“What is going on, Staci?” Lilly asked once Vero was safely out of ear shot.

“Marc’s proposing, in…” I glanced down at my watch, “ten minutes. She’s the last season ticket holder being honoured.” I smiled as the girls went crazy for our friend. “Come on guys, I don’t want to miss this.”

We wove our way through the seats with little concern; it’s amazing how excitement can make the fans less perceptive. Once in our seats we watched as the season ticket holders were escorted onto the ice by the goal line. There were seven in total.

Sid was the first to skate out from the tunnel. The crowd went insane. His gaze went up into the stands until our eyes connected. I blew him a kiss of acknowledgement and blushed as the crowd cooed and I realised we where on the JumboTron. He laughed fully before blowing a kiss back. Before going to his ticket holder he skated by Vero, who looked very confused and slightly angry, and rubbed her arm, before whispering something in her ear. She nodded and smiled slightly, but it was a genuine smile. He skated over to the sixty year old woman waiting for him.
He took off the jersey that he had draped over his arm and presented it to her, showing the crowd as well. It was his jersey of course, and she was ecstatic. She pulled him into a tight hug and we all laughed as she almost caused him to tumble over.

One by one the rest of the fans got to meet their respective Penguin. Jordan, Max, Kris, Bill, and Geno came out to present people with jerseys. If they caught a woman, like Jordan and Geno, they were accosted with hugs and even Geno received an innocent, but unexpected kiss on the cheek. The others got hardy handshakes and lots of thank yous. The players escorted their fans off the ice leaving Vero standing on the goal line very much alone. She stood there by herself for a good two or three minutes before Marc skated out, not in his gear, but the suit he was wearing earlier. Her eyes grew at his attire, and we couldn’t tell if she had figured it out or if she was going to slap him as soon as he got close enough.

The crowd went deadly silent as a microphone clicked on.

“Hello,” Marc started towards the crowd, which screamed loudly in response. “As all of you probably know, I have been very happily attached to Vero Larosse for ten years or so. But I don’t think a lot of you understand the sacrifices she makes every day.” He smiled over at her and took her hand in his. “She never fights with me about hockey, other things like, taking the garbage out, sure, but never hockey. She loves this city more than I do.” The crowd erupted as Vero blushed deeply. I jumped slightly as something brushing my leg. I looked next to me to see Sidney standing in the hallway next to our seats. I took his hand in mine and turned my eyes back to the ice.

“She's supported me for ten years. And through all of that, she really hasn't complained. She's left jobs, and started new ones, just so I could be where I needed to be.” He turned to Vero and gently took hold of her left hand. “Vero, I've made you sad like anyone in a relationship. I've made you happy like anyone in a relationship. But I love you like no other, you complete who I am. I realize we have immeasurable things to learn, infinite things to accomplish, but I'd love to do it together.” He slowly knelt down on one knee, causing her right hand to shakily come up to her mouth. “Cherie, I'm out of this world in love with you. Will you give me the honour, the privilege of being my wife? Will you marry me?”


  1. oh my goodness. That was really good, can't wait to see what she says.

  2. Ohhh, yaaaay! I hope she says yes! hahaha. Great story! Can't wait for more!

  3. Awwwww, that's was so ridiculously cute and sweet! I have a feeling I know what her answer will be, haha.

    Great chapter! I'm really loving the story. Hope you can update soon. :)