Friday, June 19, 2009


I hope this makes up for the lack of updates... Enjoy guys :O)


The game was quick, and loud, our boys pulling a head to win it 4-2 in the third. The four of us headed downstairs, which was probably a mistake, as we were interrupted every ten steps so someone could congratulate Vero and Marc-Andre. Vero would nod and thank them politely and then we would continue on our way.

We hit the locker rooms and Brooks and Tyler were standing there waiting for their respective women. Erin and Lilly ran over and attacked their men with a fever. Vero and I stood back, knowing like always, our men would probably be the last out.

I sat on the couch as the guys came up and congratulated Vero on their way out. She gushed at them and thanked them with a genuine smile as they left the locker room promising to see us both at Diesel soon.

Finally, about ten minutes after Geno, Staalsy and Max left, the doors opened and a flood of reporters headed right for us.

“STACI, STACI! How does it feel, now that you're friend is engaged?” A reporter yelled at me as they separated me from Vero.

“I'm very happy for Vero and Marc-Andre. They've been very good friends to both myself and Sidney, and I look forward to doing all the things that Vero has been kind enough to do for me during my engagement.” I smiled widely, waiting, praying for Sidney to save me.

“What would you say, Staci, was the best part of your own engagement?” A familiar voice asked. I looked up to see Sid in the midst of all the reporters, grinning mischievously, as the hounds grew tighter.

“Well, you see, I met this guy... And he was very persistent, on the verge of annoying.” I grinned as he took on a look of indignation. “But, he ended up winning me over, by his persistence. My favourite thing about the proposal? The fact that it was in Cole Harbour, just me and him, and our dogs at the house. It was very romantic. He proposed on the dock, over looking the lake.” The crowd around me aww'd as Sid finally fought his way forward, I looked over to see Vero briefly, and saw Marc-Andre's head where she used to be, blocking her from sight. I turned back towards Sidney and he surprised me by meeting my lips right away.

“Sorry everyone... I'm stealing my fiancĂ©e and our friends away to enjoy their engagement. Thank you.” Sid called out to the reporters. He wrapped his arm around me and began to pull me away from the crowd as more and more reporters yelled out to us. I looked over and saw Marc pulling Vero away in a similar fashion. Both of us girls just put our heads down to avoid pictures as our men guided us out the door. “Diesel, Flower. The guys are already there.” Sid waved to the others as he opened my door for me giving me a quick kiss before running over to his side of the vehicle.

We pulled up to the club and the doorman came up and opened the door for me as Sidney ran over and offered me his hand. My smile ballooned as I took the offered hand and headed into the club together.

Our group of people glanced up and cheered as they spotted us walking into the club, Vero and Marc right behind us. As we got up to the VIP area I noticed Jordan sitting in the corner with a very pretty, very familiar blond. I gave Sid a pat on the arm, leaving him to talk with Geno, Max, and Marc while I made my way over to the couple.

I gently sat across from them and watch for a few moments as they had their faces close together, whispering back and forth, grinning like small school children. After about three minutes of just watching them interact I cleared my throat to announce my presence. The girl’s head flew up, running straight into Jordan’s chin. Jordan groaned holding his jaw tenderly. The girl looked between me and Jordan before finally turning to him and pushing his hands away so she could see the damage.

“Oh my gosh, Jordan… I’m so sorry… Je suis tres stupide!” she cried stroking his jaw. He smiled softly before trapping his hands in his.

“You’re not stupid. Trust me.” He smiled leaning in and kissing her gently.

“I'm sorry,” I cut in, causing them to pull away from each other. “But, although you two are together and that's great. I need to clarify somethings first. Laura, does your mother know you're at Diesel?” Her eyes fell as she slowly shook her head. “But she knows you're with Jordan?” She nodded raising her eyes to look at me pleadingly.

“Please, Aunt Staci, don't tell her! I just wanted to have a good date with him, nothing more.” She pleaded, holding onto Jordan's hands.

“I understand that, and I won't on one condition...” My gaze turned to the young blond’s now slightly terrified boyfriend. “Jordan, don't you dare bring her back here until she's at least eight-teen ok?” The tall man-boy nodded slowly. “And take her out for dinner or something. If Claire's ok with you taking her out, she should be ok with where you take her. Deal?”

“Deal, Stace,” He mumbled as they both stood. Laura came over and hugged me gently before running out of the club, Jordan close behind her. I watched them run out of the club chuckling to myself about the trouble Sidney and I used to get into when we first started dating.

“Hey, babe, was that Laura and Jordan I saw running out of here?” Sidney asked kissing the top of my head gently. I nodded and leaned against him.

“Yup, I got me thinking about us as teenagers.” I laughed as he shuddered.

“I'm surprised your father never killed me. We were pretty bad.” He kissed my shoulder gently as I laughed at the memories.

“We weren't that bad. Troublemakers for sure. But we always knew when enough was enough.”

“Yah, the vein in your dad's forehead would start pounding.” We laughed and I slowly stood, pulling away from him slowly.

“I'm going to grab a drink ok, babe?” I leaned in and kissed his plush lips after he nodded. I headed towards the bar, pausing at the steps to send a kiss air delivery to Sid and laughed as he caught it, placing it in his pocket.

I hurried to the bar, not really liking how crowded it got in a matter of twenty minutes. The bartender was quick to take my order, and I stood there waiting for my drink, observing the people around me.

“Oh my GOD! Cassie, they're here!!! Oh my god! How do we get in there??” A girl directly to my left squealed.

“Umm.. Doubtful, Alecia... They're all marrying off. Which means, while they're in town, they're off limits. It'll be better when we see them in New York next week.” The girl next to her, Cassie, purred. “But I might be able to walk out of here with Max tonight, he looks like he's on the prowl.” The girls cackled and my gaze went to the dance floor where I found Max getting very cozy with a very plastic blond. I sighed gently and shook my head, as the bartender finally dropped off my made drink. I turned slowly, having grabbed Sidney a beer as well, and began to head back to the lounge.

“You know, Cas, the other thing we can do to get in the with the guys...” The girl, Alecia, pondered. “Get rid of the girlfriends...” I glanced over with my peripheral vision to see the two girls glaring at Vero standing with Marc and chatting with Erin and Brooks. I shuddered involuntarily and sped up my pace to get back into the lounge.

“Staci, what's wrong?” Vero asked, catching me as I almost ran up the stairs. I shook my head violently.

“We... W-we need to go... Now...” I managed to speak as Sid came up and grabbed his beer from me.

“Thanks, babe.” He grinned kissing my cheek, not noticing my fear.

“What do you mean?” Vero asked, now concerned, pulling me to the couch to sit.

“I just... It's not.... I mean... I just think we should go.”

“What's going on, Staci?” Marc sat next to Vero wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“We need to get Max and get out of here. We can go to our place. Order Chinese and hang out.” I smiled innocently, taking a large sip of my drink.

“I could for Chinese.” Lilly piped up from next to Tyler.

“Yah... Sounds good.” Sid grinned, gulping his beer. He leaned down and kissed my forehead gently. “I'll go get Max. The blond might have to come to though. Is that ok?” I nodded finishing my drink as I watched Sid cross the dance floor to get Max so we could leave.

"Mon Dieu," Vero swore softly causing me to whip my head around to see trouble heading in Sidney and Max's direction, head on.


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