Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm sorry I'm sorry! It's CRAZY short! But it's a post. Ideas brewing... Too tired to write. Tomorrow... Maybe... This weekend definitely.


The area was silent. Not a single person made a single sound, even the mice were waiting in anticipation. Sid squeezed my hand gently, causing me to lean down to hear what he wanted to say.

“She’s gonna say yes… isn’t she?” He whispered looking back at the ice, and Marc-Andre kneeling there patiently, as Vero cried silently into her one hand.

“I hope so,” I whispered back. “I wasn’t aloud to say anything, remember?” He sighed and nodded. “I know she loves him, so she’s probably just in shock.” I gave his hand a light squeeze before looking up at our friends. I met Vero’s eyes and nodded ever so slightly. Her eyes crinkled in a small smile as she lowered her right hand onto Marc-Andre’s and said the one word, that the whole arena was waiting to hear.

“Yes…” She breathed as the whole arena erupted. “Yes, Marc-Andre, I will marry you.” Marc instantly jumped up and hugged her tightly. The crowd didn't quiet down as she leaned down to kiss him fiercely.

“I guess we're going out tonight.” I grinned and shooed him towards the ice.

“More than likely..” He grinned, walking backwards, not noticing Marc-Andre and Vero heading right into him. “Oh, hey guys, congrats.” He grinned and waved at them. “Flower, you gonna take long?”

“Nah,” Marc-Andre smiled stupidly. “I just have to say good bye to my fiancĂ©e.. Maybe ten minutes?” Sidney nodded and stepped onto the ice to start warming up.
Fifteen minutes later the Mellon went dark as the announced the Penguins stepping on the ice. Marc-Andre came out first, and the crowd went nuts when they saw that the back of his jersey said “Just Engaged”. Vero slowly made her way to our seats wearing a similar jersey.

“FĂ©licitations, Vero!” I called enveloping her in a tight hug.

“Merci, Staci. I'm so excited! We're thinking, not this off season but next.” She smiled widely, as Erin and Lilly demanded to see the ring. It was gorgeous! 2 carats center diamond with descending smaller ones heading down the sides of the ring.

“Oh my GAWD! Vero!” Lilly squealed. I turned back to the ice to see the boys lined up on the blue lines.

“Shh, ladies.. It's starting... Lets gush after the game.” I smiled as the others turned to watch our men work.


  1. awh !

    I love your story!

    update soon!

  2. Aww, she said yes! Marc with "Just engaged" on the back of his jersey, haha. They're cute. :)

    Can't wait for another chapter!